Monday, June 2, 2008

A New Year

Ahhhh, the season has begun here at Wayward Seed. Cool wet weather has given way to excellent growing conditions. Weekly rain with increased temperatures really made things jump. Beautiful greens and baby root vegetables will be harvested this week. We have some of the finest arugula and mesclun mix the farm has ever produced. You should see baby turnips, radishes, and some broccoli raab this week. Spring peas are approximately a week away, they will be sweet like candy. There is a ton of work to do this week in addition to the farmers markets. Transplants like huckleberries and ground cherries will go in on Sunday. Oh, the weeds are not going away either. We purchased a new wheel hoe to eliminate lambsquarters, pigweed and our archenemy THE CANADIAN THISTLE. Yes, the worst Canadian import ever...Wish us luck in the battle to keep Wayward Seed weed free. See you at the market!!!

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