Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 14th Market

Will it be rain or shine this Saturday? That is the question. Rain always makes the market day seem long and well, boring. Only the dedicated come out and even then, they don't want to be there. Somehow they know, that if they don't, they will have punished themselves with bad food all week long!

Well, rain or shine, we're planning to have:

- English Peas
- Hakurei Turnips
- French Breakfast, Plum Purple and Helios Radishes
- Arugula
- Mini Head Lettuce (Red Oak and Romaine)
- Mesclun Mix
- Braising Mix
- Lettuce Mix
- Broccoli Raab
- Green Lance Broccolini
- Swiss Chard (maybe?)

For those of you interested in CSA and what it's all about, here's a picture of a two person share that went out last Saturday. Right now, members expect greens, and lots of them. Obviously, it gets more colorful as the season goes on.

We look forward to seeing you at the market this week...rain or shine!

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