Monday, May 4, 2009

2009 CSA Delivery Schedule

Our 2009 CSA delivery schedule...

High and North Street Neighborhood (Worthington) - 4-6pm
Colonial Hills Neighborhood (Worthington) - 5-7pm
Worthington Hills Neighborhood - 6-8pm
The Hills Market - 6:30-8:30pm

Nationwide Children's Hospital - 3-5:30pm
Hudson and Indianola (Clintonville) - 6-8pm
940 Services Building (Marysville) - 12:30-2pm
Dublin Recreation Center - 4-6pm
Scioto Run Neighborhood (Hilliard) - 5-7pm

Diamond Innovations - 2:30-4pm
Little Turtle Neighborhood (Westerville/New Albany) - 4-6pm

Mill Valley Neighborhood (Marysville) - 3-5pm
St. Mary Church (Delaware) - 4-6pm

Clintonville Farmers' Market - 9am-12pm
Worthington Farmers Market - 9am-12pm
North Market Farmers' Market - 8am-12pm

For more details on any of our drop points, please email us at

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