Friday, February 27, 2009

Everett School Garden

Cindy, "When is the last time you were confined in a space this small with this many children?"

Jaime, "Um...NEVER!"

We visited Everett School yesterday to make "Seed Balls" for the MASQUE event tonight at Circus. We had a great time working with Ms. Michelle's students. If you're not familiar with what "Seed Balls" are, they are balls of soil and compost with a whole variety of seeds mixed in. They are dried, packaged and ready for planting. Who knows what you'll get, maybe flowers, maybe basil?! Buy one (or five) and plant them! We look forward to seeing you tonight at Circus! They're raffling a Wayward Seed Farm Peak Season Vegetable CSA share among other things. Come out and help Indianola Informal Elementary raise money for new math textbooks! By the way, it's a family event, for all ages from 6-10pm.


Shelly Casto / said...

My son is in this class and doing this project was top of his list of things to report Thursday night - thanks! We signed up for your CSA 2 weeks ago - must have been meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shelly, I'm glad your son had fun. We did too!